I practice yoga more regularly than sitting meditation.  I usually meditate for a while after yoga but I would like to extend my practice for a longer period of time.  Often I sit for only 5 minutes or less.  Very occasionally I will go for 15-20 minutes...but something on the outside world (hunger, phone, etc) always brings me out. 
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That's cool, Self. I definitely feel like I'm in a different place when I get up off the mat. I like what you've got to say about the process.

I find it definitely changes the quality of my day. I really noticed that with yoga that I would feel more awake and alive when I practiced regularly. And conversely not as good on days when I didn't. I feel more calm after meditation as well. It lets me think more clearly and not react as emotionally to bothersome things.

Do you find it changes up the quality of your day? That what comes after is different in flavor from what came before? <br />
<br />
Or is it more of a time-out, a break and then you're back in the flow of things?

It is good for your general health, immune system, etc. Many of the positions not only stretch your muscles or bones/tendons, but also they massage your inner organs and glands, which doesn't happen much in ordinary movement. I would try it if I were you.

I've never done either yoga or meditation. I'd love to try!