I had a very unusual experience while meditating . During my meditation I found myself in a hallway with no windows. There was six big windows. Three on each side and they where spaced out. Between these windows was black and white mix marble pillars. The pillars where foot away from the wall. At the end of the hallway was a wooden door that opened in the middle. Iron bars held the door together with a big key hole on the left door. I walked through the door and found a stone well in the middle of the floor. From this well is a faint light that came up from it. The light stayed in a perfect circle from the well to the ceiling. I touched the light and every thing went black. Then a bright light filled the darkness. Everything was gone and I was left floating in the air with the bright light. The light began to fade like a sunset does. My meditation then ended.
Sinneth Sinneth
26-30, M
Aug 20, 2014