I love to just sit in the dark and clear my mind of all the stress and nonsense that goes on in mundane life and feel as though I am connecting with something greater than myself. It's like taking a refreshment break for your soul, one of those things that when you have done it you feel somewhat calmer or unbothered by things that had only a short while ago, had been harassing you. I don't know, I started meditating when I was a child, it's part of my religion. I just love doing it.
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How great to be reminded of this precious opportunity. I like how you put it: "a refreshment break for your soul". Yes indeed-that's what meditation is for me as well, and now that you have reminded me I think I'll go meditate. <br />
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Amazing how easy it is to forget about taking such important and rewarding breaks! I too began in childhood--out on a log in my front yard when I began to wonder in a deep haunting way--what I am I really? who am I really? And I sat down driven by this question. A good while later I "returned" from my first meditation and it was the beginning of a lifestyle that led me to who I am (whoever that is!) Thanks so much for this gentle nudge . . .

Thank you :)

Beautifully written, desieyez.