Meditating On Romantic Love

I see love as the soft warm breeze of a late July day.  The blazing kiss of the sky's pulsating yellow orb on bare summer shoulders and thighs.  Dancing wheat fields tickling bare legs as they trod drunken with summer's tonic through the golden sea. 

Lovers kissing, pressing sun dried lips together in an embrace.  Clammy hands entwined in a glove perfect match.

Enticing blue waters shimmering with diamond topaz light.  Rhythmic waves keeping time to hearts that beat as one.

Bare feet in cool, wet sand leaving four footprints tangled and crossed.  The waves bare witness and lap away the remains.

A deep navy blue sky with winking wishes filling every corner and pocket.  A moon with a full belly and a candle light glow casting lovers shadows across a deep, cushioned green lawn.

Laying under the twinkling canopy, side by side, hand in hand in soft lush grass.  Wordless and full of wonder.  Each giving silent thanks to a mighty Universe that saw fit to connect distance pasts to the ever clear present.


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3 Responses Mar 21, 2009

very interesting meditation - remind me tantra !

I want to trod drunken through golden wheat fields with you, Nancy Drew.