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Vipassana -some Good Quotes

Meditation makes you an exquisite connoiseur of your own very specific neurosis.

People think meditation is the spiritual supermarket, but it's really the dump.

Suffering is mandatory, misery is optional.



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"People think meditation is the spiritual supermarket, but it's really the dump." <br />
Personally, I don't meditate to "shop" for spirituality, mediation is simply an ex<x>pression of my spirituality. I meditate to calm myself back into the present moment. I meditate to awaken to (and appreciate) what's happening right now and not cling so much to what happened in the past or what I want to have happen in the future. Sometimes, for me, mediation is about acknowledging and tending the negative things inside me - fear, anger, anxiety, etc. and especially in those times, thank goodness for the "dump"! Perhaps "compost pile" is a better term than dump, though.

You clearly have NEVER achieved a meditative state. Most uninformed people think if they sit in a posture and close their eyes it's meditation. Lying in a bed tossing and turning isn't sleep either, it's TRYING to sleep.<br />
Get the help of a guru who can awaken your kundalini, then tell me meditation is a dump! You ain't been there yet to qualify knocking it!<br />
Meditation is a fourth state of consciousness.