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Mature Swingers

That's the problem, older folks are basically too conservative to enjoy the benefits of swinging.....are you one of these couples? If so drop me a line so we can share our plans
disneyboy692 disneyboy692 66-70 8 Responses May 19, 2012

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Me and my wife are 64 and I guess it is too late to start in the lifestyle for us. I have told her I would not mind her getting som satisfaction that I am not able to give her, but she is not interested, and I guess finding the right man in our age would be difficult. But we still enjoy and love each other. That is the most important.

I have read that some of the retirement places in Florida get pretty sexual with older folks being horny and no worries of pregnancy any more. Some maturity in the thoughts about partners with other people that it can get quite hot. I couldn't have done it when I was young macho and jealous. Now I realize the body is for fun and so is hers. I don't need to impose my limits on her. Get it. I think she could handle a ******** and enjoy it. At least a *********.

we had the same problem but we joined swingers life style and met some great people our age have had some great fun we are in our 50's and in a very!!!!! conservative state

We are talking about trying the 'lifestyle' and we are classified as older people - 57 and 61. I'm not sure that conservative leanings are the reason so many of our generation hesitate to go for it. I remember that the generation that preceded us and raised us had views that may have influenced us to be less flamboyant about our sex lives. I grew up in a household in which any reference to sex wasn't condoned and I had a hard time throwing off that attitude and being able to relax and enjoy sex. I have had a tough time adjusting to sex as a permissible and recreational indulgence especially with the idea that my wife could enjoy another man. My wife has been thinking this idea through and I sincerely hope she gives it the OK so that we can indulge.

Yes, we are very conservative. My wife is probably more conservative than I. I have fantasies about us in a three some and or a four some but the couple of times I mentioned it to her she immediately rejected the idea. We have a 30th anniversary coming up and I would not mind another couple joining us in the celebration.

Not all older folks are too conservative to enjoy swinging.

Just like young kids, not fully realizing the joys that experience brings. It is not just about the sex but the seduction.

Yeah. I am 60 and my wife is 58. We probably would have done it by now if we had those type of friends. We are a black couple who go to church every sunday. I get turned on everytime I watch her hug someone, may it be another man or woman.<br />
<br />
My wife has large breast and her nipples are real sensitive. Any contact to her nipples and they instantly get hard. I watch for that whenever someone hug her. She is an undercover freak. When I don't have sex with her for a couple of weeks, she gets really cranky.

Interesting. We too are a black couple and liked your post. We are 40 and 62. I'd believe it if I heard it from her. Sounds like you enjoy having fun. Please respond soon.

I would really like to add 1963 Mimi to my friendship list.

Hmm. I am so curious about this stuff. Am a single woman who has not had any sexual relationship in 15 years.

How would you like to get together with me and my wife for drinks?

I am open to talking with anyone who wants to talk. if you want my phone number I will send it to you.

Where do you live?

I thought I would have heard from you by now.

Ha 1963. Are you going to add me to your friendship circle or not. I really want to make friends with a couple of black swingers. We are getting up in age and it is time to start trying new forms of entertainment. Get in touch.

Lets make conntect

Where are you

I live in South Carolina. Hang out in Myrtle Beach a lot.

Sounds great

Where are you.

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