I Melt For Women Who.....

Are goth or emo... black everywhere, tats, peircings, fishnets, black lip stick, a permanent pouty scowl, freaked out hair, heavy make up, those sad little eyes, pale skin, and the clothes to die for. As a single lady they made me drool and stammer and be awkward becuase they were so beautiful and crazy... they still do but now in a platonic envy way lol. I am all happily settled down with my commitment bling on lol, I am so happy its irksome even to me. I fell for a person, regardless of gender. And thus, everyone else is off the cards and I am joyous over it :D. But those ladies are still the bomb!


sugarburn sugarburn
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2 Responses Mar 3, 2009

Gah, yes!!! Black lipstick is a *****!!! Very hard to wear, or maybe thats just me? lol <br />
Yeah, the sense of personal style is the thing that is most appealing about most Goth women... I mena, even just the creative nature with which they use clothes, but also that they don't follow trends - that they make their own style and its bold and essential to who they are. I totally agree with you. You can tell when someone is just going goth for its semi-popularity and when they really aspire to the aesthetic as you put it and it comes from within them.

Iv always been concerned about black lipstick. You know how sometimes people get it on their teeth? Well, if you got black lipstick on your teeth it would look like your tooth was rotting.... eww.<BR><BR>I think goth clothes - the romantic kind, not just straight up and down black or slutty outfits - but something that fits the true dark aesthetic - are really cool :) And I think any woman prepared to dress to a particular aesthetic, and maintain a look of personal style is pretty sexy :)