Like a Burning Candle.

Everytime I see a tiny baby, or when I see my cute little brothers and sister, I melt.  When my little sister, who is almost two, gets in bed with me with those curious eyes and watches me, it just gives me such a warm feeling.

Today I went to petsmart with my sister and we looked at the stray cats.  One of them stood out from the rest.  She looked almost like my old cat, that I lost during a move one time, and she was so sweet.  She wasn't hostile or violent like the rest of them.  She was playful.  She had this look in her eyes that just killed me.

I am not a pet person, at all!  But I remember the first time I saw my old cat, Lily Belle, my heart melted.  She was a good girl, she never scratched or bit me.  This cat gave me that same feeling, which is so rare.  If I had $150 I would have bought her right then.  Now I'm about to cry thinking about her sitting in her cage at petsmart.  I hope someone takes her and gives her a good home.  And I hope I can find another cat to have that connection with.

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Thanks flourlady =]

this is a heart felt story!