Do You Wear Different Size Bras?

Do you wear different size bras? Tell us why you do. Is it your mood today or the fit of your top?Or perhaps, because it was what you found when you were out shopping? Perhaps, the bra fitter recommended it. And of course some brands and bra styles are limited in the sizes available.
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5 Responses May 18, 2012

I wear a 44H with huge breast forms to bed and around the house. I really like the Balconette bras from Lane Bryant. They really make my boobs stand up and out beautifully. Unfortunately, my breast forms show over the top, so I can't wear a low-cut top. I recently bought a 44A bra online. I want to start wearing it out in public.

I shop for my bras on line and in person. I can't resist a bargan. Never had a problem shopping in person.

That is great. I love shopping for bras in person but many times need to shop online to find my size. Many stores carry limited sizes but have larger sizes available one can order.

I like to shop in person too but sometimes shopping on line is more convenient. I have to get all my 42A bras on line because they don't seem to carry that size in the stores.

Do you get to the Boston area? Lady Grace should carry 42A bras. Where in Vermont are you located?

I wear a 42C bra with forms and a 42A without.

Do you shop for bras in person?

No Problem see you there I am serina on the MWB Forum

I will look for you at MWB.

A store associate who is a technology savy bra fitter make a good experience happen, Another good experience happens everytime you log into the Men Wear bras Forum at Join us and tell us your bra experiences. 1400 members many who wear a bra everyday

Thanks for the web address.