Do You Have A Favorite Color Bra?

Do you have a favorite color bra that you like to wear? For me it changes every day. Some days I feel like wearing black, somedays I feel like wearing beige or maybe red. And some days I want to wear pink. And other days I'll wear a white bra.
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Variety is the spice of life, and a color change is always nice when it comes to bras and panties. With that said, no favorite color for me as all colors seem to work equally well. I guess it depends more on my mood than anything else.

Same for me. Depends on my mood. Typically, I really like wearing bright white (not Sugar) under a thin white top. I love to see the full shape of the bra underneath. Obviously red is a great color. I also like black and other colors under the same thin white top. The contrast is sexy.

I like white too. I just bought a peacock blue bra.

I would kill for a Cobalt or Saphire Blue bra!

Peacock blue is one of the Goddess colors. I got it at Lady Grace. Look them up on the web site and you can call their 800 numbe from the web site r to ask for the model number. The cup goes to N and their is a 44 H unless you want a bigger cup size bra. There is a new red pattern color too. Just ask when you call them. The intimate sale is on now so you'll save on the bras. If you spend $75 they ship free. If you buy $125 you get a free $25 gift card but you better hurry. The time on the gift card is limited. Web site is .

Any color Cacique by Lane Bryant sells is a great color !!

I love cacique too. Do you take advantage of their 5 for $25 sales?

I agree. Lane bryant is the only place I get mine from. For my bra size, 44H, they skip most of the fun colors and only sell the usual Sugar, Cafe Mocha and Black. I would kill for a Cobalt Blue bra.

Next month Lane Bryant will have their buy two get two bra sale. They have new colors in the full coverage ine. There are blue/green/aqua colors you may like in a 44H. Check out their web site,

Thanks, I'm on it!

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I wear one everyday, but do not have a favorite color or style. I just go to my draw and pick one out. Sometimes I will think about it the night before and try to decide which one I want to wear. I try never to wear the same one two days in a row !!!

I spend a fair amount of time thinking what I might wear when I get home. Often I decide by what might get the most attention from my wife. If I can't decide, I'll spend a half an hour trying them all on with different tops. By that time, I'm pretty aroused. Since I wear my bra to bed, I too wear only once before washing.