Getting To Like Bi Sex

After my first experience I went back to the bookstore and went into one of the booths and dropped some coins in and was sitting on bench jacking off didn't realize that I had left the door unlocked this young guy opened it and asked if he could join me.I said sure he pulled his **** out of his pants since I was in seat he stood and he was close to me and I could smell the musky odor of his **** as he jacked I was getting excited and then reached up and started playing with his balls . he turned and faced me and placed his **** near my lips...and i stopped looking at movie and took his **** in my mouth I could taste his precum as it went between my lips... he was already close to ******* and when I started sucking it he started thrusting it deep into my mouth and quickly started exploding in my mouth I hungrily swallowed to keep from wasting his sweet *** I managed to get it all and licked him clean then he pulled his pants up and said thanks and left . I knew then I would be back again and again.
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I would luv to be in a situation like you describe. Thanks for the story.