Almost 30 and Wearing Diapers (most of the Time)

Hello I am almost 30 I started wearing diapers back in 2000. I have stress bladder incontinence. I wear to bed all the time. I sometimes have daytime accidents at times. Are there any other men about my age who wear them and physically normal otherwise?

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i am 63 and have been wearing for 45 years because of small fiber polyneuropathy.

i am also a nudist and still go to nude beaches.
the only difference is i get undressed and take off a diaper instead of underwear.
never had anyone give me any problems.
i was a bed wetter till 12 and liked the feeling of a wet diaper so it was no problem going back to wearing diapers.

I wear diapers too. But only because my wife makes me. I get to use tolites at work ,but i come hone she has me in diapers and no tolite rights.i hate it. She says its divorce or do as she says 24/7. I hate my life. She has taken up boxing abd is very good at it , she beats me up abd laugphs at me. She says this is the best our marriage has ever been :(

I have a urinary problem that causes me to have sudden urges and a lot of times before I can get in the door,or before I can make it home I've already wet myself. My urologist has said that it's because of some of the meds. I'm on. So I'll have to live with it as it's better than being hospitalized for my Mental Illiness. Sometimes before I can get in the door of my appartment I've totaly wet my pants. Does anyone out there have the same problem.

I am 30 and i love to wear diapers alday

I'm 28 and have always had moderate night time issues, that required the use of diapers. I was injured on the job in 2008 and have since needed diapers during the day to avoid accidents. Aside from that I'm active, fit and normal. My close friends know and could care less, it helps when im in public w friends who help me remain covert while changing in restrooms.

hi there dude! ..... i am a little older than you, but have no physical probs ..... just enjoy the diapee for the added comfort, 'just in case' at times .......... then at other times, like makin the case ;) (after all, that is what they are for).

hi there i'm 33 and still in diapers well most of the time.!! I have come to find out its easer to hide the face in wearing a diaper then to try to hid the big wet spot on the front of my pants...

I', quite a bit older than you, but I just recently had to start wearing full time. I have urge incontinence due to spinal injury. Quite often I get sudden urges to pee and do so before I can get to the bathroom. As a result, I had a few embarrassing accidents, Walking around in a wet diaper is definitely better than in wet pants.

I'm a life long diaper lover (now 64 y/o) and dealt with the shame of this affectation for years not knowing that others shared the same feelings. After I entered cyberspace I discovered I was not alone and came to embrace my "need" and finally felt OK about my desires. Several years ago I began periodically lose bowel control and after numerous tries to find management through medical and dietary means I was diagnosed with "IBS" and encouraged to deal with it as best I can. Of course I have no problem using diapers so here I am in one. Diapered nearly 24/7. I do have some control and can predict my lower GI schedule to some degree but leaks are not infrequent and the diapers are better that soiled underwear. I use cloth diapers with a disposable liner for easier cleanup. I'm not urinary incontinent but do wet from time to time for for convenience. I'm quite active, still am working and have discovered ways to wear diapers without them being obtrusive.

Hi, I wear them pretty much all the time too. I have OAB which leads to frequent accidents and damp underwear at the very least. A diaper releases me from the stress of having an embarrassing accident and having to change all the time.