Wearing Lingerie Feels So Good

I like wearing lingerie and my wife knows I wear panties and lingerie. She enjoys seeing me in panties and lingerie. We have went panties and lingerie shopping together and have bought matching panties and also matching lingerie. Its always fun to see the sales clerks face when they ring up two different sizes. We have many more panties than lingerie but our lingerie collection is growing, our lingerie collection includes stockings, bodystockings, corests, teddies, babydolls, silky robes and a few costumes. Wearing lingerie does not mean you are gay, bisexual or even curious, most men who do wear lingerie are straight. Its very pleasureful wearing lingerie and that has nothing to do with a persons sexual preference. Woman have been wearing our clothing for years why should we not be able to explore there clothing, if it makes us feel good they should be totally fine with it. Check out our profile for more about us.
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2 Responses Jan 7, 2013

Love you story. My wife and I often go shopping for our panties together and I love it when we are out and she suggest we look for some new ones. It gets my precum flowing quickly. We often buy matching ones too. Some times we just buy something the excites us and we don't get matching ones. I often will buy her some new ones and will get some to match and sometimes get us each something different. I often seek out the younger cashiers and so far know one has mentioned the two different sizes. I keep hoping someone will say and then I can tell them that my wife and I wear matching panties. I would love to see their expression.

Yesterday my wife and i bought some very naughty see-thru white panties for mutual satisfaction , would you like to communicate with us via e-mail for pics and sex tales