New Panties

I told my wife about my desire to wear women's panties and she said she kind of already thought that would interest me based on comments I had made in the past. We went together this afternoon and she bought a pair of black and pink panties with a pink bow in the front. When we got back to the car, she said that SHE would decide when I get to wear them. I am so excited!
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8 Responses Jan 20, 2013

nice i been in panites for years so nicce an sexy feeling

She needs to be the boss so let it happen! Small steps the you can go on but as long as she is happy!

OOOOH I hope so

I absolutely love when my wife takes me shopping! Especially when she holds something up against me for sizing!!
So exquisite!

It is a wonderful feeling, I wear silky lingerie all the time now.

It makes me to hard and wet to wear them

That is so wonderful! Hope she expands your items soon for you.

Yes so do I ! I want a matching set of panties and a bra to wear while serving her

I think she has big plans for you!!

Oh I really hope so-I have asked her if we can also buy a matching panty and bra set and she is currently taking it under advisement!

I'm really happy yhat your wife understands you so well. Give her my love and twell her I'd love to help if I can. Love Noelle

I will pass on the message!

You are so lucky
I pick black only to be punished with pink!
Much better if she picks em out
T u g j o b to follow!

She allowed me to wear them last night. THen she spanked me with a riding crop and used to strap on while bending me over the bed