Shaving My Legs And Body Hair.

For me its just a matter of not liking body hair of ny type. It never used to bother me, bit I started to notice that a few years ago I did not like having body hair anywhere on my body. So now I shave my body completely. I used to have to do it every few days. Now I can go for a week or longer. I love clean feeling that it gives me.
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2 Responses Jan 8, 2013

I can understand your feeling of being smooth ( I do shave my pubic area), but since different people like different things, I will wait until I am with a woman who says she prefers it that way. I am not overly hairy and prefer a fully shaved woman myself, but am going to wait until I am asked to take such a drastic step.

I hate being furry but have to limit my shaving to keep peace with the wife. I trim my chest, arms, and 'stache....all else is shaved. Bad part is I should shave daily due to courseness of hair but do not. It isn't like I am trying to snuggle up with anyone :)