Love Clean-shaven Legs.

I got into this a few years back, and just discovered I adore the feeling of having my legs silky smooth. I tend to shave a lot, if not most of my body, for pretty-much the same reason, it just feels nice.

I've gotten into the habbit, of shaving my legs, pretty much every time, or every-other time I shower, I useually start however, with shaving my face/chin, then move on and shave my ****, followed by my arm pits.

I have tried various razors and things, and strangely I find my regular mens Wilkingson sword, titanium Quatro, to be the best, as I get few if any nics and cuts with it; The female-specific razors I've tried, all seem to cut more easily, and don't seem to be as sharp as the Wilkingson sword is.

I'll often finish off, after I've shaved in the shower, and dried myself off, using a Philips' Ladyshave, electric, that I got a while back; its pretty lousy actually, at shaving all the legs, as it just takes so long, and doesn't cut as close as a razor and a wet shave; Its useuful however, to remove any bits I've missed, and also for doing some areas, like around the knees, where I tend to cut if I use the wet-shave razor.

I'll useually also shave my balls, and ***-crack when I'm in the shower, and again, the Philips ladyshave, electric, is handy, to go over those areas, and get the shave even closer; Its also got a 'trim' attachment thing, so I can trim my pubic area, to only a few Milimeters long; I have tried shaving that area entirely, but don't like it totally hairless...

It feels fabulus, having silky smooth legs; I'll moisturise them too, after I've shaved, and the feeling of sliding on nylons, over them, is just fabulus...
eusarian eusarian
31-35, M
Jan 21, 2013