It's Time For Men To Wear Skirts To Work

First of all, my avatar was found on a google search of men in skirts. Doesn't he look great in his black skirt and tights? I say, yes he does. For one thing, it is stylish and presents a whole new look to being dressed at the office. For one thing, the modern male would be much more comfortable instead of being bound up by pants or shorts. Like I keep saying, whole new and very exciting looks can emerge if we just let this go through. Don't be so limited as to what you would like to wear. There are many occupations where this can be adapted pretty quickly and be accepted. Like office jobs, servers in restaurants, general retail, where not much climbing is required, and a host of others. I would love to see this become a part of the male work attire. It is time for males to be comfy while at work too. Why should females be the only ones who can get to wear skirts or dresses to work? The skirts would have to be age appropriate too. We do need to open up our options to what we should be able to wear to our jobs. We also need our bosses to understand that this is an up and coming movement that is not going to go away either from all the google searches I have done. We all need to take a stand for gender equality in the workplace and not have it be so one sided. Males have been subjected to being confined for way too long in my opinion. I have to ask this, What is the big deal if a guy shows up to work in a skirt or a dress? He is still himself, nothing has changed other than what he is wearing. I don't really care if the guy next to me is in a skirt. It is what is on the inside that really counts. We do need to move away from the phobic state we are in right now.
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And as always,no one even thinks of the possibility that someones health might require the use of some feminine appearel fo health reasons. I have congestive heart failure and a weak spine do to degenerative bone desease. and the items that are presc<x>ription cost an arm and a leg and very short lived. so I am reduced to using support pantyhose and various girdles,which do just as well,and are much cheaper. the medical versions of the same products cost well over a hundred dollars a pop, and are just as short lived in the real world. and with the work I do,are lucky to last a day. I'm a welder in a fabrication shop. but my budget keeps me strapped most of the time. and when I'm off a skirt helps me to be comfortable,especially when its hot. I would be thankful for your consideration before throwing us all into the same box.

I have had problems with my legs since I was 7, later it was diagnosed as RA. Since I have developed degenerative spine disease. Wearing skirts is now a necessity or dresses for that matter. I am limited in movement so I am aware of your restrictions. It is easier to put on a skirt or dress then pants.

If you message justinfield from above he can tell you of where he and his friends go out to dinner in Florida. At the restaurant the waiters (men) wear plaid skirts. It is worn as part of their uniform. No one who eats there seems to have a problem with it.

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Make it mandatory for woMEN where possible a least for a couple of years, I'm all for it, It's time woMEN change there clothing, and put on feminine clothing and life style that would be a refreshing change for women and the new feMALES. So I really look forward to you new feMENine GURLS to put on your <br />
1 - Bras, <br />
2 - Laces Panties, <br />
3 - half see through Camisole, <br />
4 - nylons,<br />
5 - Mini Skirts & Blouses or Dresses<br />
6 - Wearing Long hair<br />
7 - Make-up<br />
8 - High Heels<br />
9 - Jewels<br />
10 - Fine Flowered Perfumed<br />
11 - and learn the right posture when your dressed this way (Legs Crossed, Back Straght)

I said what I had to say, this conversation was over a long time ago, I'am done talking about it.It's over.To all those that made a comment about anything I've said, GOD bless u.Smooches.

Yes, nikki, this conversation was over, Sept. 7th. So why don't you just let it go, you biggot?


Seems like I'm always late to add my 2 cents.... Melodie started another posting on this same topic and we have discussed the barriers to men being accepted by general society dressed en femme. Nikki has very well demonstrated what we are up against - an incredibly biggoted and unthinking reaction. If you crossdress, you're gay. I'll bet Nikki thinks all African Americans like watermelon too. That's on about the same level of sophistication. Unfortunately, Nikki is unaware that she too is a crossdresser. That is lack of self awareness at a breath-taking level. Read her words well folks - that is the type of mentality we are up against. Best, Angie

That watermelon statement was cute, and hell nah, I don't eat that or fried chicken either, I don't eat meat.PERIOD.Love the statement though, funny as hell.

devin, I'll bet you are right that we could put them to shame. An artist friend of mine was remarking to me the other day - he said go to the beach and just look at who has the nicest legs men or women. You'll be suprised. He is right - men do.

I agree with most of these postings. The statements about women being the most abusive of the cross dressing persuasion. The ladies look more like men, day to day, than they look like women. Many have forgotten how to put on make-up, too much trouble.<br />
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So, men need the same lattitude in their dress as is allowed to women. I suppose we might put them to shame.

Most of the clothes and shoes women wear were designed for men in the first place. When I walk thru town the only crossdressers I see are women. Perhaps we should go back to the laws prior to (actually WW I) . Historically if you look at the dress of men, they were the ones who wore the finer and more fancy clothes. Not the women. Not that I think we should revert to women being (property) but I do think women should be supportive of men dressing any way they wish as women do now OR the pendulum will swing back and I'm sure the women will Not like that at all.

The above comment has NOTHING to do with what I just posted.

DId we get up on the wrong side of the bed today or what.

It's Nikki, get it right sweetie.

Are you kidding me?I have grown up a tomboy all my life, and I am 39 years old, EVERYBODY knows I am a tomboy, if I showed up in a damn skirt or dress, people would talk like hell.And ALL those that KNOW me , knows I am a straight female.I date men only, I LOVE men, STRAIGHT GUYS of course...but I love men.It would be totally ****** up if a man walked around in the office at work, dressed in a dress or skirt, that is NOT's discusting.YOU gay guys have got to understand............U R NOT A WOMAN, even with surgery, you WILL NEVER BE A FEMALE, I actually joke on you, when I see you on t.v. or online, trying to's sooooo funny, cause you all could NEVER be one of us.We females are what we are, we nurture, we GIVE BIRTH, we have PERIODS, we WERE BORN WOMEN....something that you WILL NEVER HAVE AS A MAN.Leave being a woman to a woman, and when you do cross over, YOU ARE WAY TOO DAMN GIRLIE for me to deal with, YUCK, just be gay, and do your thing, PLEASE don't try to be a female, cause that YOU will NEVER be ...EVEN with the surgery HONEY.

So we shoukd re-enact those laws with jail penalties forcing women to wear nothing but dresses and long skirts as it was prior to WW2.

Why not. Men have every right to be dressed comfortably if they wish to. No where did it say, men have to be confined to pants or shorts for work. From what I google, this is gaining in popularity and it should. You should do some research before you make any negative comments to our way of life. We are the new male that is emerging.

oh the irony. Ok, the fact that you can give birth makes you female sure, but not a woman, you are a self confessed Tomboy and are they your tatts on that arm there sweetie and is scared to wear one of her own genders dress just because people will talk.. Was that a choice to do when you woke up one day or always "felt' like that since you can remember. btw I do have females and they are more woman than a tomboy as lovers who just dont give a rats about what I choose to wear as long as I am me, who cares. I know that I cant be all too everyone no matter what I bloody wear. You would still be a horrid person to me as a male by the sounds of it because I most likely wouldn't shape up to your idea of a man with a tomboy and don't measure up to your male standards. I know bloody well that I cant give birth as a woman and so I don't try. but I am not losing a part of me for me to want even to be with you with an attitude like that and you assume that we are all gay. I have to wonder about a guy who doesn't mind his female dressing as a boy all the time, sometimes is ok but not all the time and you are a cross dresser just like us, no ifs or buts.

What a primitive Taliban mentally, girl wake up to the 21st century
were women will be masculine and men feMENe, And you admit it yourself that you don't wear that kind of garment so leave it t the who wants to wear them.

so what do you say about women wanting to look like men?

ALL men that date me LOVE the fact that I can be one of the guys, BUT at the end of the day, they all KNOW I am a straight female, and they LOVE the fact that I can switch back and forth that way, from working under the hood on a car to placing steak and potatoes in front of them for dinner, from fixing my own gadgets around the house to putting on a hot lil black dress and going out on the town.Man, please, argue this point with someone who actually gives a damn about others opinions.I'am outta here.


I say YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

Nikki ! You missed the point of what is going on. At least in my case. I don't want to be a woman or even look like one,but I could sure use the comfort of a skirt on those days when not even a breeze is stiring. I don't have A.C. and I'm sure there are a lot of guys share my opinion. There are gays and crossdressers of both sexes,and a cross dressing woman isn't necessarily crossdressing because theyhave had the choice for years,as in your case. so it is a common thing and I will not say anything against it. I only ask you to consider that I am allowed to wear a skirt and a few support Items in that I have congestive heart failure and a bad back, and the prescription version of these items are way above my budget. I'm 63 and wouldn't be a woman if I had to. so give me a break. the same break you require. to live as you choose, and/or need to, Thanks

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Yes I do agree the avatar does look very sharp and ready for business. If I still own my business I'd have no problem with the guys coming to work in such a manner. This would require a few tweaks in the sexual harassment policies but not a complete overhaul. For some businesses however this would create problems with safety like in factories. I could see this outfit however for a lot of businesses in the private sector and in the public sectors.