My Hormone Condition

This is my second try with 'Experience Project'. My story is complicated, but I will try to briefly explain. I am an older gentlemen, and unlike many crossdressers and transvestites, I have a clinically diagnosed condition called 'Incomplete Testicular Feminization'. This condition results in males developing 'physical female features', to varying degrees, during different stages of their lives . I have the greatest respect and support for MTF crossdressers, but for men like myself, developing female features has been a bitter-sweet experience. Like many, I was very overweight, and after loosing a great deal of weight, I was still large in my hips, rear and my chest. After tests were performed by my doctor, I was told about this condition. Also, I was told that other medications I had been taking for other medical conditions contributed to this condition as well. I'm married, with five grown children, grandchildren, and at 59 years, I am young for my age, am now fairly healthy, and live a fairly normal life. However, my natural estrogen level is very high for a man, and as a result, the lower parts of my body are femininely shaped, wide hips, a round rear, very feminine shapely legs, and on top I have very large breasts.

Corrective surgery was not an option for me for a number of reasons, so a few years ago, I decided to have an open mind about adapting to wear women's undergarments. I tried surgical garments, but they were a joke, uncomfortable, and very expensive. So, with the encouragement of my family and friends, I started wearing, bras, panties, pantyhose and girdles. I was professionally measured and fitted at a store, and throughout this entire experience, I have always been treated professionally, and my masculinity has never been in question.

Presently, I wear a bra and panties everyday. I wear tighter fitting girdles and pantyhose when I need to have a tighter low profile look, and I wear a minimizer bra when I need to keep my breast projection to a minimum.

Yes, there are those men who want to be very obvious, and then there are those, like myself, who just want to blend in naturally. I get my share of stares, and from time to time I hear comments behind my back. But, most of the time, I just go about my business without any problems. I naturally wear a 42DD bra, and my hips are slightly wider than my shoulders. But, my outer clothing is selected to be discrete, without being bulky or uncomfortable in any way.

Despite the robust manly lifestyle that I live, I will admit there are some feminine traits that I do have, but nothing that interferes with my everyday life.

Regarding that step over the edge where one would consider themselves a 'crossdresser', I don't think that I fit that category. But, I also feel the best way to handle my unique situation is with humor and to have a little fun with it. So, on Halloween and on other party-type occasions, I have dressed completely as a women. Despite my masculine facial appearance, with the right makeup, a wig, a pretty dress and some high heels, I make a pretty nice looking women for 59 years old. Yes, it's been lots of fun and everyone has had a good laugh, but I can't imagine doing this everyday, and I enjoy my life just the way it is.

I hope this story brings to light information about men like myself who have adapted to our unique conditions, and I welcome responses from all interested parties.

Thank you.
balibras balibras
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You are 1 lucky man! you get the best of both worlds when ever you want WOW! It is great you have the support of family and friends! I kind of envy you!

Hi there again balibras I'm a mature male now in my mid 70's and just like you I too also have a very very curvy and very voluptous feminine full hourglass figure My bust measurement is 86" inches and I have to wear a custom made VVVV cup bra. My waist is 38 " inches around and I'm very very wide in the hips as well just like you are though I'm 86" inches around their too. I also have very thick shapely calves and thighs too. I have lived as a female since the onset of puberty which for me happened just two months before my 7th birthday. Like you I also have a medical condition known as Kleinfelder's syndrome and VBH which are the sole two causes for me being this way. I also have a very feminine looking face so being out in public have never been for me an cause for concern that I might be "found out" I too like you don't feel myself to be like a crossdresser,for I live as a female for practical reasons more than anything else,as I realzised a long time ago it was much easier to adapt to this condition rather that spend my hole life trying to fight it all.

Can you tell us when the feminine characteristics began (for example at the onset of puberty)?

My physical feminine characteristics really became noticible after I had lost a significate amount of wieght, when I was in my late 40's. Now at 59 years old, my physical appearence is not a big issue, and just like any woman, I wear a bra and panties (also pantyhose & girdles) everyday. It's the healthy thing to do, and I go about my business without any difficulty.

Yes, your well fitted bra will support your breasts and prevent pain. Panties will fit a larger bottom better and the girdle is intended for a larger hip measurement (versus the waist measurement).

I normally wear a full-figure underwire bra, and a full-cut nylon panty. What is your favorite, most comfortable, bra and panty, and what are your sizes?

I also wear a full figure bra. Sometimes I'll wear an underwire; sometimes not. I've been wearing a high waist control brief from Dominique. Catherines also carries a high waist control brief. I also like Bali and Vanity Fair panties.

I checked out the Dominique high waisted control brief on the internet, wow, it's really nice. I have a similar one that I wear made by Rago (Style # 6101). A sales lady got me into wearing the Rago brand, and I tried wearing a Rago all-in-one (Style # 9057), but the bra top didn't fit my boobs very well and having to take it on and off when I went to the bathroom was a pain! So I wear the high waist girdle with my regular underwire bra. Normally, I just wear my panties under my pants, but recently my wife wants me to be more open minded about wearing women's skirts and dresses, which may be more comfortable for me considering how wide my hips are. The Rago high waist girdle has garters so you can wear stockings with it instead of pantyhose, which should make it easier in the bathroom. Today is the first day that I'm going to try wearing one of my wife's dresses to work. I feel a little funny about it, but last night I tried it one with the Rago girdle and one of my really good bali bras, and it actually did'nt look so bad, so shortly I will get dressed and give it a try. Because of your particular feminine figure, have you tried wearing women's outer clothing, especially for comfort?

Yes I have worn dresses. Your wife is very astute. With your large hips and smaller waist a skirt seems it would be more comfortable. How did it go at work?

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Good for you I have 38c breast and size 6 panties.
Due to health and other life issues I have also developed feminine traits but now I enjoy them.