Panties Again? Yes I Don't Want To Stop

In the past several weeks I have worn panties every day. I used to try to control this but now I think " what the hell"  it feels good so I'm going to wear them. It started when I was a teenager and I have fought it for years. It seems like every time I go out now I want to buy more panties. I have been to Wally world twice this week and have bought Hanes For Her stretch satin panties both times!!

I wonder if I really want all of my guy friends to know. This may cause problems I don't want to deal with. Have any of you guys come out to your friends?

I read somewhere that guys who wear panties think about them to much and have to be near them by wearing them. If that is the case then I guess I will be in panties forever.

Enough thinking for now lets get back to enjoying wearing our panties.
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11 Responses May 25, 2012

wonder if I really want all of my guy friends to know.
wouldn't bring it up in conversation, wouldn't worry about them knowing either. I wear all girl clothes. never had a problem.

I to fought the desire from about 10 to wear panties. I am 46 now and been wearing panties for almost a month and I never want to go back mens underwear ever again even if I am found out some day. Wearing panties makes me feel alive again and me!

Truth is I spent 18 years as a warehouse manager. And almost 100% of the time when addressing my management staff or the warehouse crew I had on panties and my toenails were painted

Wf year. Wearing them :)

I too wear panties on a daily basis. As far as peeing I just reach in, pull the leg band to the side and pee as normal. Then reach back in and put it back. No one knows any difference. When I was working I usually wore dark colors.

This is something that you keep to yourself & IF something happens you will have to be quick to come up with a story smooth things over ! This is one of those thing that is personal & nobody else needs to know about because it IS a personal pleasure for you to enjoy!

I too LOVE to wear panties I wear them everyday even to the doctors office I just take my super maxi pads out! It is soo much more enjoyable !!!!

My only problem with wearing panties to work is trying to reach in and get it out to pee, which is usually against truck tires. So I gave up and wear mens to work, and panties come on when I get home. Crotchless would be good, but if it got loose and rubbed against the zipper all do it the way I do it.....haha

I wear stretch satin panties. They have enough give to not have that problem. Give it a try, better than going without panties for the daytime.

There are so many styles and colors of panties that you can wear what you like. Have fun and enjoy.

You are so right I went to VF today and bought some more hipsters.

I also wear panties everyday under my 'normal' clothes.. at first i was very self-conscious and was worried that my co-workers would notice but no it is so much a part of me that I really don't care..of course I am careful about what panties I wear to work ( mostly thongs or boy-shorts) so that I don't get a vpl but again I wouldn't be comfortable wearing anything else<br />
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Just wear whatever panties you want. I did not wear panties out until just recently. I missed out on years of panty pleasure. Wear them now don't miss out.

I have been wearing knickers every day for years now, I like wearing silky ones.

I love the silky ladies panties they feel so much better than mens.I told my wife I was wearing them again and she asked if it was going to be all the time. I said probably even thouh you don't like it. I guess this panty loving man made his decision.