Shopping For Panties

I love shopping for panties.  I have so much fun.  I never know what styles I will find or what colors I'll find.    On my last visit to the Playtex/Bali/Hanes outlet store they had a buy one get one 50% off sale going on.  Bought several pairs of panties and have been wearing them since.
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The most fun is looking at different styles of nylon panties & taking them to the women's fitting room when the coast is clear to walk on in & try them on I love doing this I buy most all of my panties after I have tried them on same with my bras & slips & body briefer's too It is so enjoyable to find my own personal pleasure !!!!!

That isounds like the right thing to do to see the panties, bras and bodybriefers fit

if i tryed them on i would stain them all

Better buy several pair then (lol).

I don`nt konw how you do it! I have found it very difficult to walk through the lingerie dept looking for something nice anymore.

Just say to yourself today I am going shopping for panties, bra, lingerie... When the sales girl asks you if you need help just say yes and tell h
er what you want. She'll be happy to help. Keep smiling and enjoy yourself. Read her name on the nametag and talk to her. She has seen it before.

I dont know what size you are, but I have always had great success and great help from the sales ladies in Lane Bryant stores. I've have had more than one saleslady say that you'd bs suprised how many men buy panties. I wear a size 9.

I also love to shop for panties at Kohls, Macys, JcPenny the most fun is going to the women s fitting room to try on new styles!!!

It is fun, isn't it.

great sale - and Bali makes nice panties

Yes, they do.