It Was A Dark And Stormy Night......

Actually, it was a beautiful summer day in Minnesota with a light breeze through the windows. I was home alone. The best I can guess I was somewhere around 12 years old. With a million possible things to do, for some inexplicable reason I went in to my mothers dresser and pulled out a pair of her nylon panties and slipped them on. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I spent hours walking around the house and looking at myself in mirrors. My little penis was sticking straight out. Before long what I suppose would have been pre-*** oozed out of my penis and made a wet spot. I panicked, but figured it couldn't get any worse so I enjoyed another hour or two and began the clean up. Blot with a wet paper towel and press with a dry one. Good as new I returned them to the dresser. Before I left I looked looked at her thigh high stockings and garter belt. Fascinating! This was 1958 and pantyhose hadn't been invented yet. Thank God!
As the youngest in the family one of my chores was to take out the garbage. We lived on a farm and we dumped the garbage in an old foundation and would burn t out every month of so. Methodically I searched the garbage day after and rescued panties, nylons, a girdle with stocking clips a bra and even a pair of high heeled shoes. I stashed away my treasures for those home alone days.
It is now 54 years later, I live alone and I have a drawer full of my treasures. With the exception of my college and military days I haven't been without. I still put on panties on warm summer days and look at myself in the mirror. Some days with thigh highs and garter belt and heels and I feel just like that kid again. Panties wet from my pre-***. They never fail to make me wet and there is rarely a day that passes that there isn't a pretty pair of panties under my jeans.

Come back for "Discovery".
lookin55401 lookin55401
66-70, M
Jan 28, 2013