Love The Feel Of Wearing Panties

Have been wearing panties for almost two years now, mens underwear to harsh to my skin. Microfiber panties are such a turn on and feel so sexy ,have numerous pairs and still looking for more. Nothing like the feeling of being shaved down there and a soft pair of panties on your skin.
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46-50, M
6 Responses Feb 18, 2013

I refuse to make up any excuses for wearing girls clothes. I aint doing nothing wrong why try to justify something that nobody has the right to judge me for. just enjoy life.

Glad to know there are men like me

I love to wear panties and think of being Pegged or even phucked

will have to give them a try.

I love the feel of wearing panties too.

Yes I do the same & I LOVE the feeling of panties on my skin