My Daughters Panties

When my daughter takes of her panties i put them on as quickly as i can ,when she goes out in the morning i get into her panties and her bed,it turns me on so much i am rock hard,i lie in her bed with her vibrator up my arse stroking my **** thinking about the vibrator being up my daughters **** and now up my arse,it feels so ******* good blowing my load in her bed.
artycampbell artycampbell
51-55, M
5 Responses Dec 9, 2012

Just knowing she's had the vibrator inside her, would be enough to make me want to slide it in me, after I've licked her dried juices off it.

ur so hot - turning me on big time -0 stephanie xx

Fabulous sweetie

Never had a daughter nor sister so I can't say I hae enjoy that kind of experience but I do wear panties and tights 24/7 now. I love that.

Would ever consider sending me a pair of her panties to blow my load into?