Panties Forever

Wore my first pair of girls panties at the age of six. Continued to wear panties in secret, every chance I could, for 51 years. Started wearing 24/7 at the age of 57 and will be wearing panties for the rest of my life. Hopefully I will be wearing panties when they lay me to rest for eternity.
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way is it,, so as we get later in life,, we find these simple pleasures

I do not own any guy undies.

I started wearing 24/7 at the age of 51and will be never stop like you for the rest of my life

I like your writings as it always carries a sense of lingering beauty. I find the last line especially moving and poignant.

Please do share more
Lock and load, what are your fav sources
do you buy local, do the sales help know
colors and or shapes?

Not really any favorite source for me. Local..on line...any place that I find pretty, silky, sexy panties at a fair price is a good source. Alot of my panties came from Kohl's, JCP, Sears, Her Room, and Pleasing Panties. Sometimes the sales help knows. I have never had a problem with that. Last week at Sears the sales girl helped me find my size in a color to match the ones I had picked out for my wife. She even commented on how pretty they were. My favorite panties are Vanity Fair full brief in pink but I like all shapes and colors, except the thong.

love finding another with the exact same taste in panties,,, hate the thong,, love the nylon,, and my favorite's are VF too