My Breasts Have Been With Me All My Life.

As a kid of about 15 my 'boobs' became more noticeable. I always had a bit of weight but the boobs grew faster and reduced slower when I lost weight. As one of six boys in the family, chest heaviness is obviously genetic but I scored the biggest breasts.

With teasing at school, and at home too, it wasn't always easy to deal with. By my early 20s I had a set of B cups. Fortunately for me I met a lady who was not only supportive but encouraging. She actually bought my first bra for me when it was clear that one was needed (and fun too!!). We stayed together for 10 years before parting.

Later my second partner was not so open minded and over time it was one of the things that led to a break down in our relationship of 20 years. Now in my 50s and with D cups, a bra is a necessary part of my life. Some small minded folk still comment but many years of dealing with that allows me to put them in their place pretty quickly. One younger woman once commented quite openly to a group that my breasts were bigger than hers (she was 'petite' to say the least). My retort that "most men's were bigger than hers" was enough to turn the tables.

They are part of me and my life moves on with them. It is a mindset that matters!
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I almost could of wrote, I to am from a family of boys and not girls.

Good for you. I am glad you put the lady bully in her place.