Crazy Mike.

I have been wearing panties for a while and by this time I had a large collection. Well.... My nieghbor crazy mike is a little off in the head but loves to party. One day as I came home from the store, I seen mike hitch hiking. So, as horny as I am, I got back in my jeep and went to pick mike up and take him to the store. When he went into the store I pulled off my shirt and shorts, so that all I had on was pink panties. Mike rode home with me and my throbbing **** and only asked if he could drink some beer with me. So.... About the the time he started getting drunk I started changing panties. I modled maybe ten pairs before I asked him what he thought. He said that I looked sexy in them. So, I got up the courage to slowly pull down my pink thongs in front of him as I tried to tease this straight man. Once my panties were off I stroked my **** and asked him what he thought now. Lol. He said nothing, but did not leave, so I stepped up between his knees dropped down on mine and grabbed his ****. I finally got him to relax and I pulled out his **** and sucked it dry. I now have sex with as many men as I do women, and they love me in panties.
Emmett67 Emmett67
41-45, M
2 Responses Dec 12, 2012

wow you could suck my **** while you were wearing pantys would be cool

wish i was mike but i would want 2 wear panties while u sucked my ****