Mentall Ill Mother

hello i  was force give up my daugther back 2005. I have very bad mentall illnees. The family said i can see kaley all her life. I been see her rest of 5 years. I give her birthday presnet and christmas present. teaching her how to sign langange love her hug her. The last time i saw her at thanksgiving. I remember i made her happy. But everything see really good that day. Now on the famly never answer my call or write me back i am trying get hold her again. Now i haven't see her anymore. i want to see her again. i try to stay touch with her. now i don't understnad i been in the hosptal last 3 week ago. now i am on right med. now the family still don't want to talk to me anymore or call me anyrmoe.
mylittlekaley2oo5 mylittlekaley2oo5
Jul 12, 2010