I Was A Mentally Gifted Minor-loved It-had A Head Injury.....; (

I can't tell you how I loved Mentally Gifted Minors (morons from the other kids). It changed my life. When they gave me my first math paper on subsets, I went "yes, this feels right". It made me learn to think, reason and find conclusions. Not just to read and remember acquired knowledge. That changed my life. Others would read things and rely them-I thought and then made my own conclusions about everything. I could talk to lawyers, doctors, economists,scientific philosophers. It made me an independent thinker. There wasn't anything I couldn't do. I just love what it taught me. But 10 years ago, I had a freak stroke-so you may not be able to tell I was all those things. It tears me apart each and every day. I have lost my friend-thinking concisely and many other mental qualities. What it gave me saved me so many times. I started several businesses. Didn't matter what kind-I could do it. It gave me a wonderful way to look at all things in life. I wish more had the chance to experience the program. It was superb teaching that one can learn to be more than they are. I ever wrote thesis-20 years later, they turned out to be correct. I loved thinking. I would do it all day long. I never got tired of figuring out this universe we live in.  I have never gotten over my stroke-that tears me apart every day like you can't imaging. I think it's because I didn't get dealt a lot of good cards in life-but this one-then it was taken from me. Be so thankful you still have what they instilled in us. I was so grateful that our schools could offer us something so challenging and for every one of every level. I could just cry. Be so happy we had the experience. Well, at least I hope you are. When and if you ever lost it-you would really know what you had! 
Gigi69 Gigi69
May 25, 2012