I Am A Safe Haven For Female Submissives

Since coming to EP just a short time ago, I’ve had the opportunity to serve as a Friend, Mentor, Sounding Board, and/or Advisor to a number of female submissives.  Some were just starting out in D/s while others had years of experience.  What they all had in common was a need to talk to someone with experience who they could trust to give them straight answers to their questions without pushing a hidden (or not so hidden) agenda or feeding them the bullshit answer that, “It’s not your place to know/ask that” or “It’s not very submissive of you to question a Dom/me.”

Some of the stories I’ve heard terrify Me (e.g. new subs who are being pressured by abusers masquerading as Doms who refuse to reveal their names, pictures, addresses, or provide references, or answer even the most basic questions).  Others just **** Me off (Men who use submission against women to keep them from learning the truth about the other relationships their Master has).  Some of the women I’ve talked with just need some help in figuring out what their interests and limits are.  Still others are making the transition to the physical world and want to ask questions about how to find partners, be safe, and have fun.

I’m a Switch -- I’m both a Domme with Her Own subs and a collared slave to My Master -- so I’ve been on both ends of the leash.  I remember what it’s like to be taking your first steps to satisfy that need you’ve had for as long as you remember and I understand the challenges of trying to live a D/s life while dealing with the demands of the vanilla world.

But most importantly, I am a strong, smart, independent woman who made some *very* stupid mistakes as a submissive.  Fortunately, I survived them all, learned the lesson, and moved on.  And I’d like to help prevent other women from making the same stupid mistakes I did in the name of being a “good” submissive.

If you have a question, concern, or need a bit of advice, I’m happy to try to help.  you may not like the answer you get, but I’ll always speak the truth about what I think is in your best interest.  There are far too many wanna-be Masters/”Trainers” out there who have no ethics -- if think yours is one of them, I’m going to say so.  In fact, I’ll tell him, too, if you tell Me who he is.

If you contact Me, please know that you won’t get an answer immediately.  I will respond as quickly as I am able.  Note: ask Me to add you to My circle before messaging Me.  EP will charge you a token to contact Me if you’re not My friend.
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1 Response Jul 21, 2010

My name is Giley and I am a Gorean Master. Although, I do not exactly practice BDSM, I do live the Gorean Lifestyle 24/7. I train submissives and I too offer you ANY HELP if you or anyone else would like to ask me questions. I always give honest answers to delicate questions of ANY KIND.<br />
I am NOT A FAKE, and I take myself VERY SERIOUSLY and also my teachings of submissiveness and bondage--<br />
Head bowed, arms our, wrists crossed and I am waiting for your mailings....<br />
<br />
Master Giley of Gor