Introduced To D/s Safely

i saw that ServeMistressP created this group and needed to tell my story. To my friends who are reading this story you maybe surprised but i think it is about time everyone found out about the real me. Since being on EP i became more interested in D/s relationship.  i have thought about this before Ep but like in so man other ways Ep has made me feel comfortable in expressing who i am.  Well as i researched various groups on EP that had to do with D/s i soon wondered if i was a Domne or a sub.  As i searched i came across a story written by ServeMisstressP and i thought here is a person who is understanding and sounds like i could be open with.  i could not have been more correct.  Ma'am (as i call her) has become a Friend, a Teacher, and a Mentor to me.  She has been very kind and generous with her time, talking with me about all aspects of D/s.  i have been lucky enough to be taken on as her student.  We have a great relationship that is open and honest.  She is slowly training me to become what i have always known deep inside what i was and teaching me how to enjoy pushing my pain barriers to get maximum enjoyment.  All of this is under an umbrella of safety.  Everytime we chat Ma'am ensures that i am being safe with my playing and even made me stop as one point as she realised i needed to rest my body as i was pushing to hard.

if you are a female and interested in D/s but do not know who to talk to please feel free to get in touch with ServeMisstressP and you will not be disappointed.  If you are nervous
or are unsure please feel free to message me and i can talk to you or i would be happy to arrange Ma'am to message you.

Thank you for reading

GailinDeed GailinDeed
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Very nice, add me

Very good!

Thank you so much, My sweet gail -- getting to know you has been such fun, and makes Me wish all the more that we could take our relationship into the physical world. (I'll say it again - damn the Atlantic Ocean!)<br />
<br />
Watching you shine and come into your own as you safely experience some of the pleasures of BDSM is enjoyable, and exciting and rewarding, all at the same time. I'm so very happy I can be part of it.