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And Do The Opposite

Ever get annoyed at those dogs in the back of pick ups that BARK BARK BARK as they pass by?? I've learned to get the jump start on this! I immediately start barking FIRST! Same goes for those dogs on the gravel roads that like to chase cars and bark at the tires. I can be found with my head out the window barking, growling, and yapping. Coarse, I have to watch about getting caught up in all the excitement, or I might swirve a bit if I'm the one at the wheel!
But when I'm in a REAL playful mood, or want to see the shock factor on an animal.... I'll Meow and Hiss at a dog, and Bark and Yap at a cat!  Dogs tend to get a confused, dumb look and **** their heads back and forth trying to understand what's going on. Cats either hiss or give a dead pan stare as if to say," This bleeping idiot thinks she's a dog. Get therapy, You!"  And even more fun is if any humans are around to watch you do this. YOu kind of get the same odd stares or headcocks! I just laugh and think, " Wow. In a past life you were a dog, huh?"
emerald emerald 36-40, F 4 Responses May 24, 2011

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"OOO-ooo Ooooo Ahhhhhhh" *beats chest in front of Party!* LOL<br />
<br />
*giggles back at Destry* ;D

LOL Sunshine! I could sympathize with those AMINALS not understanding yer accent! ;D Ha! Bring on yer neighbors' animals! I won't have a problem barkin and hissin at em for ya!

lolz! I do this to my own aminals.. but get guilt stricken after scurrin the hell outta ma cat by barkin at her. Can't bring myself to bark and meow at aminals I don't own... fraid they won't understand my accent.

* Blank-stare @ ST* BWahahahaha! ;D