Mermaid Pendent

First off I scared because Ive had dreams like this before and they come true. A few months ago I dreamt of a women floating in a lake. The next week they found a womens body in a lake. Things like this have happened a few times. This time, one of my friends died. I was at her funeral and it was an open cascet. She was holding a merdaid pendent. I took it and opended it. It said "I give up, I can't change"
Kendralee123 Kendralee123
2 Responses Nov 30, 2012

wow what does the death of your friend have to do with your dream read my story the truth i didnt even want to be a mermaid and if she wanted to be a mermaid that bad i would be searching for a spell to switch from me being a mermaid to her being one i am so sorry for your loss.

I don't think you understood. My friend dying was my next dream. It came real too.

Nice I love that story because it's true