I have always been shy with women, at least when it comes to trying to get beyond friendship. I had a good friend who for a while we had been spending time together and going out etc, then unfortunately her and a male friend of mine got involved in a big long conversation on one of my statuses on Facebook and within 2 months they have gone from never having met to going away for weekends etc. Neither one of them was ever honest or open with me about where I stood or what the situation was between them but rapidly I went from the one she spent time with to being invited for a quick drink one time when she wasn't going away with him and all this time I would see their pictures of their trips all round the country while I was left alone in my apartment. Eventually I just tried to get answers and ended up blocked by her. He is a family friend so I can't do much in terms of my anger towards him. I just feel I deserved something more, but I have been treated like I am being unreasonable.
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Aug 26, 2014