I ****** My Aunt Doggy

It happened years ago when I was a lad. I was a Sea cadet stationed on H.M.S Belfast which is mored on the Thames in London. I was on duty most of the weekend and did'nt finish until the early afternoon. My family were having a christening in the Eastend of the City and I did'nt have time to change out of my uniform. My family were very proud of me in the cadets so turning up at the church the way I did did'nt phase them. The Baby was dunked so it was time for a good old Eastend knees up! The booze was flowing and my Dad's sister was paying more attention to me the more she got pissed! I sneeked outside for a cigarette and she followed me. She said that her suspenders to her stockings had come undone and she was too pissed to do it up and could I help her? She lifted her skirt and being 14 I fumbled and pretended I could'nt do it up so I could feel her up! I was rubbing my hands over her nylon covered legs and the cool skin above the stocking tops. While I was doing this she was stroking my hair and telling me I was a good boy and I looked handsome in my uniform. I could smell her musk and I touched the front of her knickers She moaned and pulled her skirt down and went inside. I was pissed off to say the least! A couple of minutes later my Dad said to me Your Aunt is shitfaced and asked if you could walk her home. Of course being the gentleman I said yes!!!!! I remember her daughter saying will you be alright Mum and her reply was I've got a handsome young sailor to take care of me. We left and she linked arms with me and said I want you to **** your old aunty, are you up for that son? Iwas at her place like lightning! We went to her room and she got on her hands and knees and i was there! I pulled her skirt up and moved her knickers to one side. I was so hard and she was so wet I slid right in. I was proud I lasted about three minutes at such a young age but it was long enough for both of us, I shot my load into her and she screamed the house down! I went back to the party and my Mum kept giving me strange looks but said nothing! After that I was ******* my Aunt for about 4 years, I just loved playing with her ****.
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****... great story mate, thanks, Tim

Good for you.

Thanks for sharing.

Doggy is the best way for a deep shag.

Great start to a life in the Navy.

Irony was I ended up in the Army!

very hot story, how old was she at the time?

lovely story..good for you