A Day With Carel Struycken

A friend of mine called me up one day and asked me if I wanted to meet Carel Struycken, who was a friend of his. John had known Carel for years and Carel and his family were visiting the Big Island. John was a hippy to the max so any friend of his would have to be somebody I would get along with, so I said OK and we loaded up in his beater of a Jeep Cherokee and headed up to Volcano National Park and camped out for the evening. We met Carel and his family the next morning. We headed to the Thurston Lava Tubes which is a cave that goes back about 500 yards. At the end we turned off our flashlights and it was pitch black and I played a didjeridoo that I had brought with me. Then we hiked across Kiluea Iki which is a volcanic crater and Carel set up a camera that takes spherical panoramas and took some pictures. Afterwards we went to the villiage of Volcano and had lunch and talked for a few hours as the place wasn't busy and had good coffee. It was a very wonderful day and I found Carel and his family to be a very warm and friendly bunch. If you wish to see some of his photography go to sphericalpanorama.com and check it out.
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Strange ::: I was ont the bid island for 6 months [bult the Sears store there] We live at kings point..<br />
I spent 8 years in Hawaii . Any way I got to meet Jack Lord - Tom Seleck and best of all We were invited to Anthony Quins art exhibet. We had a glass of wine and nice conversion with him .<br />
extremely nice perosn Some times we meet people in strange places. We met Mick Jaggers in Holand.