Diary Of A Madman

I have met a few, I met Billy Jean King when I was about  or 8, Andrew Rubin and Debra Winger, I have met many, many, many bands too many to mention them all I love concerts.   Drew Pearson drinks at a bar I like to go to and I got his autograph for my brother and dad, I  literally ran into Dennis Rodman once, he is a mighty big guy, but there has only been once that I was ever star struck, and that was when I went to the book signing for OZZY OSBORNE.
I have been listening to him as far back as I can remember. I use to have to hear war pigs everynight or I wouldnt go to bed when I was about 5. I use to listen to Iron Man when I needed a happier day, Bark at the Moon and Diary of a Mad Men were the centerpieces of my teenage youth. As far back as I can remember, I have loved Ozzy.
I told him how happy I was to meet him and to have him here, and he looked up through his rose colored glasses,  made perfect eye contact and said
" Happy to be here luv " and I just melted.........
36-40, F
Jul 31, 2010