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Mostly Runners That Only Running Geeks Have Heard Of

I have been happy to meet a few elite runners.  I know for most people it is not a big deal, but I sure enjoyed it.

I met Frank Shorter, who won the Gold Medal in the 1972 Olympics in the marathon.  I have met him twice and he is really nice.

I met Allan Culpepper, another runner, he ran the marathon in the Olympics.  He is one of the handful of people who has ever both ran a sub 4:00 mile and a Sub 2:10 marathon.  Again, a wonderful guy, runs a running store in Colorado between Denver and Boulder.

I have met a couple of other elite and soon to be elite runners.  The nice thing about them is they really seem to appreciate people taking an interest in their careers.  Let's face it, there are not a lot of running fans out there, so most of these athlete are not pestered by a ton of fans.  As a result the ones they do talk to, they are happy to talk to.  In addition, there is something about sharing the road together.  Oh, my hardest days are not as fast as their easy days, but still, there is a kinship for all of us doing our "Miles of trials and trials of miles" together.  26.2 miles is nothing to sneeze at, whether you run it at 2:10 or at 5:10. 

Runners Rock!

Allan is #209                                                    Frank is in the Florida Shirt.
Longrun Longrun 46-50, M Aug 2, 2010

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