Mesa Arts Center - Meeting Kevin De-kline

This happened on April 14th, 2012 and mum and I went to Phoenix. We went to go shopping for a few things, got our hair done and left our Hotel at 4:30 (Phoenix time) We arrived a half hour later. The Courtyard was prettier than what I've imagined. Anyways, We were there to meet Kevin Kline. (Hint: A Fish Called Wanda, The Big Chill) We met and talked to some people who knew Kevin from they were in High School, College or Julliard. I was the only teenager there. At exactly 6 pm, Kevin was heading downstairs on his way to the courtyard. I had a gasp look on my face and I started to breathe differently. I stood there watching him until he got out of the doorway. Once that happened, I immediately walked further. A woman said to me, "you better get up there." and I replied "I will." We both got to the crowd of people. I stood there acting natural. But then I wasn't natural. My hands got totally numb and my legs were shaking. We were the first fans to ever meet Kevin and we were the 2nd people to ever encounter. I felt like I wasn't a fan even though I am one. Mum tapped him in the shoulder and introduced herself and introduced me.She even said something about being taller and Kevin said "Certainly the tallest." When his hand was against mine, it was huge. I loved his hands. I even took a closer look at how I found them beautiful. They were covered in Dalmatian puppies (brown liver spots). Probably after that I explained that he was teaching us. What I meant was that in his work, he taught us many lessons most of the time. Mum did most of the talking and explained why I was a huge fan and explained about R-rated films. He mentioned about one of his kids. How? He was saying that he had an 18-year-old daughter. I said to Kevin, "My sister would be 18 in May." After that, he was wondering if I'm 18. But I was trying to tell him that I'm about to be 17. And it went on like: "She's 17?" "No, she'll be 17." "Oh, 'she'll be 17.'" She even explained what made me love Kevin. I tried saying "You ruined my soup."
Then I got an autograph and he asked me what my name was again. I told him what and after he knew it, I said "Like the princess or the city in Colorado." He signed my picture frame and it wrote "To Aurora all the best - (signature)" Mum had explained that I got the frame at a dollar store and I found that photo on the internet. I was about to walk away but mum wanted a photo together and so I stepped a bit further. While that photo was taken, I said, "I love you." and he replied "You're very sweet." and I replied back "Why, thank you." The photo was incredible. He was a gentleman and was so kind to us.  Before I actually left I cried "You Rock!" I was free from my birdcage and explained everything to the girls. It was cold outside so we headed in. We heard Kevin walking up the stairs. Then at about 5-10 minutes later, we walked to the Piper Repritory theater. We had the best seats in the house. The play that we saw Kevin in was "The Lover and the Poet". It was amazing. Readings of Shakespeare plays and more are one of my favorite type of plays. It wasn't like Romeo and Juliet. He was like an angel in heaven. How? 'Cause the lights were shining through the white hair. That reminded me of an angel with wings and halo. I never saw him on stage before. It was the first time ever for that. Moments later, there was a Q&A. After someone had thanked everyone for the one man show, Kevin came back to the stage with a Coffee mug. The first question someone asked was "What made you into acting?" Part of the answer was that he grew up watching movies. Unlike him, I happened to grow up watching movies as well. I was nervous to ask a question. First I called him Phoebus. The second time, I called him Tulio. I stood up from my seat. Mum had said "She has autism and she doesn't know how to interrupt well." I called him Tulio and asked "I hear you turn down film roles, what made you do something like that?" He replied that you had to work with a director that you like and the fact that you don't pick every role. I slightly looked away but mum whispered to me in the ear "He's talking to you." So I looked at him in the eyes. There were many questions that most people are concerned about like "Where did you grow up?" or "What was it like to work with Kenneth Branagh?" I should have asked him "What is it like to work with Jennifer Garner in Cyrano?" I didn't say anything while everyone else asked questions. There were a lot that I know because of researching. When I heard Kevin saying something about Queen to Play and how he wasn't a good chess player, I went on to say something and explained that we knew Queen to Play. Kevin had his hand up to his left ear and asked "Comment?" and we went on that we heard about Queen to Play. Everyone else was like "He spoke french in a foreign language film?" I could still remember the question and answer that goes something like this: Audience member: "Where did you grow up?" Kevin: "St. Louis, Mo." and I clapped because I knew he was born and raised in St. Louis. We had a wonderful night. After we left the theater, my mind was at ease.
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