Meeting Eric Andre (primarily)

(I wrote this, today, the day after and also two days after this abso-lutely amazing event: on July 10th, 2012 and also July 11th, 2012 by the way. )
On July 9th 2012, at the Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco, I attended “The Eric Andre Show Live!” My parents and I (since I can’t drive, and we don’t already live in San Francisco) got to the multi-purposed venue (dance club/concert venue/in this case “comedy club”) at 7:00p.m. There didn’t appear to be many people standing out in line at first, but the place inside soon ended up packed to the brim with people. Initially, how I got to meet fellow comic of Eric’s/co-host of The Eric Andre Show, Hannibal Buress, went thusly…

As my mom and I were waiting out in line shortly after 7:00p.m., my dad was paling around with the bouncer of the Rickshaw Stop by the door, and Hannibal came out to get a breather and/or talk with the bouncer. My dad quickly came to me and casually told me that “that guy who appears with Eric on Eric’s show is standing by the door.” I said to my dad, “Oh, really? ” and went to the door to check it out myself. Sure enough, Hannibal was there just enough for me to shake his hand in greeting and say, “Hi, Hannibal.” Since both Mr. Buress and I had a couple minutes to spare, he asked me my name, and I told him. I took the opportunity to ask him if Eric will be receptive to meeting any fans or anything of that nature, since I didn’t know of the forthcoming situations. Hannibal told me that “We might be having a table after to talk […].” I told him, “Ohmygod, that’d be awesome, I sure hope so! Thank you so much! :D” My mom came to snap a photo of Hannibal and I lickety-split (I guess my dad notified her of the situation.)

Before the photo was taken of Hannibal and I, I told the Oakland, CA comic Stroy Moyd, which of whom was featured that night as well, “I’m happy to see you too.”, because he arrived. He said, “Thanks…” I went back in line, which thank goodness the people were nice enough to not line jump. I spoke with some fans of Eric, and these particular fans apparently haven’t been fans for very long. One nice guy was apparently became a fan that very morning! My dad came to my mom and I and said, “I just saw Eric.” I was like, “Ohmygod, really?! D:” My dad said, “Yes. He stuck his head out to look at how many people are in the line. He said, ‘Oh, wow!’ and then went back inside.” I told my dad, “Lucky you. (-_-)” Little did I know…

Eventually, at approximately 8:15p.m. in lieu of 8:00p.m. which was fine by me (I guess some of the guests were running late), we got to go in. The Rickshaw Stop is a medium-sized venue that’s in general quite spacious. There’s a first floor, and then a second floor with a balcony view, up a short flight of stairs. I ultimately was standing between the second and third rows, since randomly the whole, entire Rickshaw Stop got filled with people and additionally about 10 or so people took up the first row. The show was filled with fun, amazingness and pure awesomeness. First, Hannibal opened with some stand-up comedy, reminiscent to me of the Sinbad episode of The Eric Andre Show. Then Stroy Moyd took the stage. One funny part during Mr. Moyd’s stand-up (to me), was when he asked the crowd “Have any of you seen When a Stranger Calls”? He was intending to get on with his joke, but I excitedly blurted out, “OH MY GOD, YES I HAVE!!!11111!11!1” Mr. Moyd mocked me in a playful manner, and then let me know of him not being serious (at least not completely) so that I wouldn’t be butthurt. XD He then continued with his joke, which ended with “Nigga” meaning “yes”, as well. He’s right, as I did not know that factoid. After Stroy left the stage, Hannibal came back on and told a couple more jokes, and then introduced a local San Francisco man named Chris Garcia who mixed Spanish and English into his routine. That’s a great bilingual bonus for people who know Spanish. I wish I did. At least he translated what he said, and it carried over well. His whole routine became funny after that.

After Mr. Garcia left the stage, Hannibal came back out and introduced Eric. <3 I was expecting for him to enter onstage from backstage as Hannibal, Stroy and Chris did, but oh no… he ran up on stage from the audience (or maybe actually from the entrance to the club)! How could I not have noticed?! LOL! XD Well played Eric, well played indeed. I started fangirling sooo hard, but the show didn’t get interrupted since everyone was screaming and yelling in joy and laughter. He did his usual awesomeness: running into things and hurling stuff at everyone. He took out ketchup and mustard, and squeezed it out onto himself and then twirled the condiments into the audience. I got some on me. (^_^) Eric brought up a special surprise guest: a random audience member man in a grey hoodie. Eric, as his usual hilarious self, on purposely didn’t really allow the man to say anything, until one or two minutes later. Eric asked the man “So, what are you doing later?” and asked him his name. Also, later, the actual Tatyana Ali and the fake Russell Brand made appearances as well. (^_^) Also, a balloon “animal” maker. One of the most special moments of the night was when Eric said in regards to special guests, “We have one more guest… EVERYONE!” I, along with anyone in the first few rows jumped up on stage quicker than a flea hopping in the sand. Chaos happened on stage. One guy promptly said aloud, “It smells like corndogs,” because of the smell of ketchup and mustard that Eric put on him, us, the stage and the props, also that the Rickshaw Stop sells corn dogs, but that probably wasn’t the reason the dude said that. I lol’ed irl when he said it. I tried my hardest to not fall off of the stage. Thank goodness I wasn’t wearing heels! Eric then yelled out, “IT’S THE HALFWAY-POINT OF THE SHOW!” and then a stage hand had to tell everyone repeatedly, “Get off the stage. Get off the stage!” One young woman was adorable, in my opinion, when she found Hannibal and was posing with him for an impromptu photo opportunity, but then the man again said, “Get off the stage.”

This is the part when, for me, the true magic commences. Eric was running around on the floor, and I took soooo many opportunities to reach out and basically cuddle with him for a few seconds several times. He didn’t really mind. I even snuck a few kisses from him, which he again didn’t really mind. I was sooo shocked at what has transpired thus far, but everything was fine and consensual. At the end of the show, Eric introduced the ending-musical guests of the evening: a rap group called Main Attraktions. Mr. Andre thanked everyone for coming, and energetically asked the crowd, “Are you ready for a full set?!”, in reference to the rap group. Everyone answered affirmatively. I’m guessing that the guys played for around an hour or so more, perhaps until 11:30p.m. or so. The time was advertised as being from 8:00p.m. until 11:30p.m., but probably the band played until 11:45p.m., due to the earlier 15-minute delay.

I stuck around dancing a bit and listening to the band for about ten minutes, but then my dad let me know that he thinks autograph sessions are indeed happening with Eric and Hannibal at the entrance to the club. As my parents and I were waiting, I shook Hannibal’s hand again, and said, “Thank you, bye. Great meeting you. :3” Hannibal and the merchandise girl were both chanting for people to buy Hannibal’s dvd and photo, “Buy my stuff! Buy my stuff!” I of course actually wanted to meet Eric. I went over primarily with my dad, since it was immensely crowded. My dad and I waited with my mom and her cell phone camera ready to take some photos in case I did get to meet Eric, which I did. I finally got to go up and say “Hi!” to him. My mom took two photos of Eric and I together. I told him that’s it’s my 24th birthday. He responded to me, “Well, happy birthday! (^_^)” I told him, “Thanks sooo much! I wore this necklace and my black hoodie, because I wanted to be just like you!” I proceeded to remind him for the hell of it when he had a mostly radio interview in 2008 in which he wore sort of a black hoodie, albeit pullover hoodie with a similar black or dark brown big-bead necklace, (which, the latter necklace description is similar to the one that I wore,) in which the radio interview was also put on Youtube in actual, recorded video form simultaneously. I said to him, “Like when you sang, ‘I’m sooo excited, baby I can’t hide it!’” Eric told me, “Yeah, I say things like that sometimes.” I said, “Bye, and thank you, sir!” With that, my parents and I left the venue. My mom sprung on me one last surprise as we were walking. She pulled out a tangerine that Eric apparently gave to her, to second-handedly give to me for my birthday. <3 I ate it with happiness, and saved the peels, that of which he touched.

I don’t know if Eric and his crew will be doing this type of thing (i.e. meet ‘n greet/autograph signings and/or anyone quickly granted the privilege to go up on stage) for all of his live shows or not, but I do declare that this was, regardless, the best night of my entire life! No exaggeration. It was such a pleasure to meet them all, but especially Eric. He is seriously one of the most awesome, gracious men I have ever met in my life.
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Jul 12, 2012