Sept. 25th 2011: My Amazing Time At The Folsom Street Fair (fsf) In San Francisco (meeting Roi Robertson From Mechanical Cabaret!)

At 4:20p.m. (lol!), after my parents and I got to the 7th street stage at 4:00p.m., I cautiously checked the back of the stage. Lo and behold, Roi was there! I went over and called out to him. He came over and I shook his hand. I told him that I’m one of his FB friends named Nina Davis. I told him by the way, “Thanks for signing my Disco Vandalism CD with “To Nxxx ( edited by me lol), with love X Roi”, and that I wrote one of the reviews for Disco Vandalism. He said, “Oh, so that was you?” I said, “Yes.” I told him that I came from a small town, specifically to see him back up Billie Ray Martin on synths. I ended with, “Good luck with playing!” He told me, “I’ll see you in the front then!” I said, “Yes!” and shook his hand again.

A few minutes later after I told my mom and she suggested we try to get a photo with him, we met him again behind the stage. My mom asked if she could take a photo of Roi and I. Roi gladly obliged, and he even allowed me to kiss him on the cheek for this photo (which is attached to this journal entry, by the way). He said he’d love to come out, but the barricades are in the way. My mom and I told Roi some more about how we love and admire him and his music and such, and came from the small town to see him. He stated in a nice way, like ‘you shouldn’t have!’, “Oh, bloody hell! XD” He asked my mom, “Are you her mom?”. My mom said, “Yes.” He good-intentionally said, “God bless you.” My mom also kissed Roi on the cheek, after I did as the photo was taken by her of us.

During the show, Roi took several photos of the crowd, as well as hopefully featuring my mom and I, as we were already in the first row. No reason not to, lol! :D After the show ended, I yelled up to him on stage that, “Mechanical Cabaret should really come to California!” I forgot/am not quite sure what he replied. Roi is one of my absolute favorite people ever, a true down-to-earth, genuinely nice and kind person. It was soooo wonderful of him to take the time to talk with my mom and I.
Thank you Roi, from the bottom of my heart. <3


Nina Davis.

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Jul 12, 2012