I Have Met and Worked With Several

 I have met and worked with Cal Ripken, Mike Schmidt and Stanley Tucci.

I recorded some radio spots with Cal and he was really fun to work with. As professional in a studio as he was on the field. Never minded doing another take. Was able to laugh at himself and he had great comic timing. 

I worked with him several times and every time he saw me, he greeted me warmly and shook my hand. As if he was greeting a friend. I get really awkward around celebrities because I feel that they deserve their privacy. They are people too and should be treated as such. I never talk up to them.

One day I went to the studio with a huge poster of Cal, a growth chart. I was going to ask him to sign it and thought better of the idea. He asked me what I had in my hand. I said, Oh nothing..." 

"Give it to me." he insisted.

He unrolled the poster and said, "Who's it for?"

I mentioned my son's name and he wrote a really nice inscription. I was really impressed. He wasn't pushy. He sensed my awkwardness and dealt with the situation.

The guy is very impressive. He has arms like tree trunks. Completely unassuming.

Stanley Tucci. A gracious, funny and down to earth man. I worked with him twice. Absolutely no drama.

The scripts were wrong for him and I tried to get him to inject a little shtick. It wasn't happening. I couldn't get him to read faster either. Without pressing the point or arguing, he read each script in exactly the time he took to enunciate each word, with the correct rhythm and accent. I found myself furiously cutting the copy to make it work.

Next time the scripts were shorter and written in a wry style more in keeping with his persona. The man has perfect diction. Perfect.

He was also fun to talk with. Talked about ordinary stuff and when we ordered takeout, he wanted to taste what everybody else was having and of course, offered what he had ordered.

After lunch, we gathered our plates and took them to the kitchen and he insisted on helping as if he was just a member of the crew. I was just so blown away by his humility.

Things went wrong. The big NYC brownout  occurred right in the middle of a take. Not a lot we could do, so we decided to leave. We talked as we walked down the dark fire escape and as we entered the street, I realized I was with a celebrity. A woman walked by, did a double take and stared at him. I was so embarrassed for him.

He just took it in stride, donned a peak cup, curled his collar up and melted into the crowd. Gone. Invisible. 

What an impressive man. A consummate professional.


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5 Responses Sep 21, 2008

Its very exciting to meet a celeb but at the end of the day they are just the same as you and me except that there line of work connects them with millions.

I had to go to Cooperstown in summer of '08 (?) year Cal Ripken was inducted into Hall of Fame--he has been one of my fantasy men for years--think he's an incredible man--loved watching he and his family interact. The day we went to C'town for induction was incredible--75,000 people there to watch this--took my daughter, her best friend and my nephew--it was great!

The man is professional to the tips of his fingers. It's so heartening to see someone like him work.

I have never met a celebrity. I think it would be fun. Stanley Tucci is a wonderful actor, all his performances have that artistic integrity you witnessed. I'm so glad he's like that in real life too.

Oh yes, I also stood in the elevator with the lead guitarist from Aerosmith. A friend pointed it out as we entered. He had this jaunty attitude and a big friendly grin. <br />
I was dying to shout HELLO CLEVELAND!.... but i didn't