Sonny Moore

 it was around christmas time in 2006 when me and my friends went to soma to go see from first to last as the headliners play that night, well we got there at the venue(soma my favorite place) at 4 o'clock in the morning(believe me BADDDDDDD idea guys!!)and ate our breakfast from jack in the box- well there was nothing else to eat but that- anyways and later that day like at noon we went all the way around the back cause we knew that you can meet bands back there so we did and we sat there on the curb for at least 30 minutes to the hour i suppose and some tiny little person was came walking out of the tour buses toward me and my friends he was bent forward soo no one could see his facial features and his greasy black hair was covering the remaining flesh of his face I SWEAR I COULD SEE AN EYE!!! all wrapped up in his black form fitted hoodie soo tight you could swear it was his second skin, he looked very angry for some reason not very convincing that he was eager to come greet us in anyway, until my friend roselie yell out" hey sonny can come here for a second".


he looked up as if he was confused that some one actually said his name and he came over to us with a very much different facial expression on his face he seemed amused that we asked him for pictures and autographs, soo yeah he gave us all autographs and pictures and he hung around us for a while until like 10 minutes later he headed back towards his  tour bus and lugged out this huge gray-olive colored bag seemed to hold all of his dirty laundry asked me and my friends if someone could come with him to the laundry mat and help him with his clothes, i was nervous soo of course i didnt go but our friend tommy went with him....he is soo sweet ^_^

Lacilove Lacilove
18-21, F
Sep 21, 2008