Three's Company

I'd always wanted to meet a couple. Met a guy on a chat site and we were texting for a while he wanted a big **** for his wife and photo proof. I thought he was maybe just a pic collector but a date was set. He met me off the train, we went for a drink-I got the impression he wanted to suck me-I probably would have been ok with that . Anyway we went back to his.both were a bit older than me ,mid 50's,he began kissing her and I ran my hands up her skirt, she was shaven- mmm! Straight to the bedroom and the effects of my first experiment with Viagra was kicking in.He mostly lay back and pulled his **** as I enjoyed his wife and she obviousy enjoyed my rock hard 9 inch ****. All afternoon we ****** and sucked and they didn't mind having it being recorded(me and him on our phones) I came inside her and this was a turn on for him .An excellent experience I had dreamed about for years was even better in reality !
Strangefruit111 Strangefruit111
36-40, M
Aug 4, 2010