I Grew Up On A Farm

I grew up with a beautiful cow named Red, who was my pet until I left home, and who lived for over 20 yrs.  She had the most beautiful nature, and the most gorgeous, knowing eyes.  She used to come when I called her, and follow me around - and she loved it when I sang to her!! haha :-)

I smiled when I read the seemingly silly title of this group "I MET a cow"..  but it fits my experience with Red :-)

...and she had a terrible sweet tooth, and used to jump the fence to get into the sugar can fields, and she's buck and jump around like a rodeo bull (except with delight), whenever she saw me with a red bucket, because it was always filled with mangoes!! haha

yes cows have personalities!! haha :-)
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1 Response Dec 16, 2010

:-) very true Shireluton, although I quite like that people have to earn my cat's respect, they have dignity haha