Full of Joy...

I met someone today, they lit my inside up like a light bulb.They were so full of life and exiting. They were just like me (inside). I actually felt like I knew him already.

It made me relize once again I am not living the life that I want!!!It also made me relize that I could!!!!!

dizziblond dizziblond
41-45, F
2 Responses Feb 12, 2009

Thanks dee, you are the best...

What a wonderful realization! I know this feeling.. to be lit up inside, and to know that nearly anything is possible. To see the world in a brand new light, as a place just waiting for me to make a move, just waiting to show me all that is possible. Keep this feeling close.. but don't hold on to it too tightly, because then it becomes elusive. But nurture it and watch it blossom and grow.. and you will too. :)