Sometimes when we least expect it loves comes to you in the form of a man with fair eyes that penetrate your soul and from who’s looks can make your knees soft as butter. You want to swoon. It’s exciting as being on a rocket to the moon. But alas dear reader, where does that rocket go?
And so we meet Valentino. Take a look at a newly issued ten-dollar bill and you will see his image. The only difference you need to make is to see his hair longer with curls that most women would envy. Curls that make you want to reach out and touch them. There is also a twinkle in his eyes of mischief; drama and the full intense ride of a rollercoaster in which you feel that your heart will come through your chest. So it was with Valentino.
I met him three years prior by a mutual friend. As I walked into the sitting room in my home, he sat next to the bar with a cigarette in one hand as my partner had let them in before I was ready. His long wavy hair was caught in a ponytail that draped over his black fringe jacket. His other half was also an eyeful. She was dressed to kill with blonde streaked hair, deep brown eyes and a traffic stopping 1950’s figure that I possessed as well.
While he sat there, I could not take my eyes off of him. I thought that he was a combination of two movie stars: Christopher Reeve and Bruce Willis. There were a few features that I normally desire in a male that weren’t there, but what he possessed in the structure of his face: the small bend above his nose, his chiseled chin and strong cheekbones gave me another view of male beauty and of course there were his eyes. They were a soft blue and in those moments when our gazes crossed, I knew as well that he saw the same attraction with me. It was unspoken, as it should be since we were both partnered.
We had a few drinks of my partner and mine’s homemade wine before leaving for the dance club. We were all dressed to the aces. We piled into two vehicles and drove a few miles to a parking lot almost a block away. I later hear a comment from my friend that Valentino made a comment to him that he though I had a beautiful *** as he watched me climb the stairs to the sidewalk.
At the club we discovered it was ladies night. My friend’s wife, Valentino’s wife and myself joined the other ladies as they stuffed $1 and $5 bills into a group of stud muffin’s thongs. The pheromones were high and the three of us danced around. Eventually I danced close to Valentino’s woman and soon found ourselves lip locking each other on the dance floor and at the bar where our men were sitting and drinking. She and I were drawn to each other, but by the night’s end nothing was said about seeing each other or pursuing it in any fashion. The rest of the evening was a blur as we were wasted by alcohol and the contact buzz of being around each other.
My boyfriend and I saw them a couple of other times later at our friend’s home for wienie roast, a party or just to hang out. I never conversed with either one of them at those times more than the pleasantries of the moment. I later found out we had seen each other at my friend’s ex wife’s housewarming party from my son’s wife in later conversation. Yet I don’t even vaguely remember the event.
Time pasted. Almost two years went by. During this time Valentino’s wife left him and he was going through his own personal crisis of being alone after 20 years of marriage. She was his best friend, his partner in crime, and the love of his youth as he married her at eighteen while she was only sixteen. They had raised a son. They had a full life and it was over. A few weeks after she departed, I hosted a housewarming party for my new roommate: a girlfriend of over 12 years and her daughter that needed sanctuary. My friend brought him along.
Valentino stared at me as I walked down the steps in the foyer and I greeted him with an embrace. I asked him if he was having a good time. I could tell he was not at ease. Later my friend told me it was rare that Valentino would attend a party where he knew so few people. Over the next couple of weeks whenever my friend called and Valentino was at his house, he would ask for the phone to say hi and asked repeatedly if I would go on a date with him.
My responses were that I hoped that he could reconcile with his woman, especially after being married as long as he was. This continued for four months until June when I finally agreed to go out as he told me that he was not reconciling with her and that he was a free agent.
On June 14th I agreed to meet him at one of the local dance clubs called The Warehouse. During the four months since the occasional time I had sent him at my friend’s time I had been cycling and nursing through my last dating experience. It had been six weeks since my last date. I had recently decided that I was doomed to go on with life alone.
That evening I went through several ensembles, wondering what would be the most suitable for a Gothic Club. I settled on a black skirt with tiny buttons up the front that I had bought on my trip to Britain a few years before. With it I wore a purple silk poet’s shirt. I wore my best black leather corset and my special dancing boots with soft leather soles. I placed my hair in a loose bun in the back and attached one of my hair extensions, draping it over my shoulder. I wore my black and purple leather chocker to finish off the outfit. I looked like a Victorian dream from another time.
My friend arrived and with my youngest son we drove to the club. We decided to pay the additional five dollars for secure parking, as the club is located in one of the roughest neighborhoods in town. We walked across the street to the entrance. Outside several people in various Gothic outfits or just jeans and tee shirts mulled around talking, smoking cigarettes and getting some air as the club could get stifling with all the smoke from cigarettes and the dance club’s smoke machine.
As I didn’t want to seem too anxious, I went into the back to the dance floor and swayed to the tunes of Tool, Nine Inch Nails and Covenant. One black gentleman asked me to dance. I declined, as that was not my purpose to be there. Well into one song, I felt a pull to go to the front door. I left the dance floor and proceeded to the front door to see if it were Valentino or someone else that I should see as I saw several familiar faces amongst the attendees.
Near the front door I saw him past the security guards and the gate. The hairs rose on the back of my neck as I watched him walk in my direction. He was wearing his black Cossack, black jeans, boots and a black silk shirt. His hair was loose and in curls around his shoulders. His step was determined as if he owned the place. Those around him stood up straight as his presence commanded respect.
He saw me. Our faces broke into smiles. We immediately fell into each other’s arm in a tight embrace while he kissed my cheek. He mentioned that he was afraid that I wasn’t going to show, but decided to take the chance. He took my arm and led me to one of the sofas near the entrance of the Warehouse. We sat and talked pleasantries: small chit chats while our eyes were locked upon each other. After a bit we both agreed that we needed to dance and get a drink.
Before getting up he asked me to hold out my hand. I opened it as he stated, “You know most men bring a flower on a first date,” breaking the spell of our exchanged glances. He continued, “Instead of just a flower here’s a special one just for you.” With that he placed a large red flowered gooey bud in my hand. The woody smell rose to my nostrils. I closed my hand and thanked him for such a wonderful gesture between two connoisseurs.  I wrapped it in my cigarette’s cellophane wrapper and stuffed the package inside my bra. From there we moved to the back of the club to the dance floor and danced. It was obvious he enjoyed moving his body to the music. His timing was good. His moves were smooth while his eyes devoured me.
After a bit we went to the bar and ordered drinks. With them in hand we went outside the doors of the dance area and I sat on the ledge while he stood in front of me. Soon our lips touched in a light kiss. Again the hairs on my neck rose and my heart fluttered like it had never done before. Deep in my heart I knew I could easily fall in love with this man. He had the looks, the attitude, the power and what people refer to as “it”. I knew I wanted him. I wanted it all of him.
Several times during our embracing and kissing my friend and my son would pass by. The friend shook his head and my son kept his comments to himself. After 2 p.m. the bar closed and we decided to leave and call it a night as I had worked that day as well as my friend. Valentino offered to take me home and I accepted. My friend gave me a cold stare – to remind me of our agreement before the date that I would not take this one home. No matter, I wanted to. We walked across the street to the parking lot where his red sedan was parked. I gave him directions to my house as he had only been there twice.
Upon arriving, I went to the kitchen and poured us some of my homemade mead. We settled on the green camel back sofa near the front door. I lit some candles and the kerosene lamps on the mantle place. We touched each other. From there dear reader, we explored each other’s bodies without intercourse. I shuddered while his hand touched my neck. When he touched my breast I felt an intense sock of such pleasure that my body convulsed.
He laid me back on the green sofa. I removed my leather boots and he helped me take off my stockings while his fingers grazed the curves of my calves and thighs. I was so aroused, more so than in many, many years. He removed my panties and massaged my ***. He then leaned between my legs and tasted my nectar. Within moments I climaxed. Never in my life had I done so quickly.
In return I turned my attention to him. He quickly remarked that inasmuch as he wanted to have me sexually and **** me silly, he wanted to wait as it was not the appropriate time, first date or not, it wasn’t the time for such things – yet. I asked,” Could I at least extend the same courtesy that you gave me?” He was surprised by my offer.
I moved and sat him down on the sofa and loosen his belt and undid his jeans, sliding them down to his knees. I nibbled the hair between his thighs before gently nipping on his balls. He was throbbing within seconds. As I noticed his state, I decided to further act upon it. I slowly engulfed him into my mouth inch by inch. Very soon I heart him moan, “You’re going to make him go.” Within seconds I felt him convulse and release into me. He tasted sweet.
We put our clothing back on and each lit a cigarette. He leaded back on the sofa and sighed, “It’s rare to find one so classy and yet so giving.”
“My pleasure is pleasing you.” I remarked.
We held each other in our arms and exchanged kisses, After a while, he looked at me and said,” As much as I want to stay and lay with you Beautiful. I must go. This isn’t the time for us to continue like this. I want to know you more. I am sure I could fall madly in love with you without what has occurred this evening.”
“Yes, you are right,” I remarked.
He rose up from the sofa and took my hand while wrapping his arms around me. It felt so natural. We walked the few steps to the bevel glass door. I opened it and with another kiss he bid me good night and walked to his car.
As my head whirled I climbed the stairs to my bedroom. I undressed and laid  upon  my bed. I wondered if it if it was just fleeting moment or whether it was the beginning of yet another adventure into the heart of love.
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Thank you! First time I've ever shared any of my stories.

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