Massage Therapy

I have been floundering in an unhappy marriage, so when the opportunity presented itself to journey to Southeast Asia I jumped at it. One night I went to get a massage. The most beautiful, sexy man offered to do my massage. He went on and on, turning my one hour massage into two. I felt him stroke my face gently, and his breathing became harder and faster. He drew the curtain around us and turned out the light. At this point I'm truly realizing that things have progressed beyond traditional massage. We sat up together, my hand on his thigh. He placed my hand between his legs- he was totally aroused. l felt him stroke between my legs. He touched my breasts, nuzzled my ears, kissed me gently. We stood up. I touched him all over, drinking in his hard, muscular body. He kissed my lips. He tasted faintly of tobacco, forbidden and masculine. We were interrupted before the "finish". I think of our encounter weeks later and fantasize about getting together again.
kwanyin kwanyin
46-50, F
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Heartfelt thanks for the above comment. I feel happy to have gotten non-judgemental support. My best to you.

I see that you discovered the joy of massage in south east asia, and I too experienced it , I am a man , so it was a woman who massaged me but the experience apart from relaxing was extremely sensual, 90 minutes of pure bliss with aromatic oils and contstant arousal, a pity you couldnt reach conclusion and your moments of cloud and rain but am sure the next time you do you have a happy ending,....