Could He Be My Soulmate

imagine this situation , felt like i am in alien , who doesn't know the language people on this planet speak, there was no communication what so ever no matter how hard you try , then you meet someone who has a familiar face , you feel like you have known them for ages , and you get to know this person , and they happen the speak your language and understand you perfectly 

you two talk like you go way back

you feel like you have found something that you never thought you would find in your life 

you feel like the search of love has ended when you met this person 

that you don't ask for anything now but to have them forever .you feel time flows by when you are with them

they know what you think without having to say it  and want and so you know what they want and think.

you say the same things at the same time

they say the things you wanted to say to them but held them back

you don't have to explain your self to them because they know .

just being together, even when you are silent , is meaningful to the two of you.

you cant imagine the life without them and you cant think of being happier with someone else .

knowing that you can find better , who will to give more ,who are more beautiful and have so much to offer, but all of this doesn't mean anything , because what you want is the one you truly loved and cared .for what you want is what you have now.

there is nothing like barriers , even if the two come from different worlds , they have one thing in common , their souls that combined with pure love .

even if you got apart, distance doesn't matter for absence makes the heart grows fonder .

you cant think that you can be happier with someone else, you would feel that you are betraying yourself and the one you love when you think of being with another. because you already devoted to give yourself to the one you gave your heart and soul .

 its been over six years, many bad things happened during these years, we lost contact and the back again by a wrong my space invite i have sent, then things grew apart again then started talking to me again saying he misses me and likes me allot, saying he wishes things were easy...

he says he still wonders what its like to be with and he finds it ( strange) that he thinks of it

and that he feels close, that was after 8 months of not keeping in touch with him.....

i wish he meant it, because i still miss him ...




lonesomedove80 lonesomedove80
31-35, F
Feb 25, 2009