Meeting Someone On-line

The other day while i was on-line this guy im'd me. We chatted for a while and he seemed very interesting. Since then we have chatted quite a few times and i am getting to know him more. He has told me his like and dis-likes and i have told him mine. He lives in the same state as me and we talked about someday maybe meeting. He has my interest and i seem to have his. Is this a safe and smart way to meet people? i'm not sure but i am willing to give it a shot.
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I think this is a perfectly good way to meet someone. In many ways very good because you tend to have to go very deeply into who you are, and all the likes and dislike et al.<br />
Of course after all that you can meet up and have no physical chemistry. But I think meeting someone in RL with great chemistry and get involved and in a fit of passion marry only to discover when the smoke clears you DO NOT LIKE the person you marry is far more dangerous a mistake to make.<br />
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Here is my advice for the actual first meeting face to face. It is written more for the BDSM crowd but fits anyone really.<br />
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If you are meeting someone over the net, you should meet only in public, bring a friend, have a backup call person.<br />
That dominant at that point should be totally up front with name, address, phone number and a copy of two bills like electric and phone which show clearly who he is and where he lives as well as a copy of a driver's license which match the addresses on his bills. He gives you copies of everything and shows the originals as proof he is real and not a master of photoshop.<br />
This will weed out 99% of psycho, but also weed out the guy who tells you he is single and IS NOT. If he is married and is doing this with his wife's permission, you have all that information and should be able to talk directly with her.<br />
When you meet, you and your friend call the back-up person to let them know you have arrived. Your 'date' should present the documentation to your friend who will go sit someplace else, check the stuff out, take photos of everything and send that to the back-up person.<br />
Anyone who will not agree to these things is either hiding something, i.e. wife or true identity or is a coward and who needs a chicken dom/ boyfriend.<br />
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If anyone can recommend some good places to post this please let me know and any and everyone has my full and complete permission to post this anywhere on the internet they feel it will do good and help women be safe.

u know everyone says u cant work from home and everyone says online dating dont work ... well i think it does work i guess u have meet a public place if u feel really uncomforable at first but i say go for it ... but whatever ... most people take me as a joke or whatever and dont take me seriously ... mayb creepy to most!!!