I was working yesterday-at this coffee place-when a very, very hot guy spilled his coffee cup on the table, and I had to go over to him to clean the mess up. You know that feeling that you get when someone is staring at you? Well, I felt him staring OPENLY at my behind. *laugh* I caught him looking and then he didn't even pretend as if he wasn't looking. I turned around to leave, very annoyed, and he yelled a 'thanks' behind me. He ordered another cup of coffee, gave me -literally- in my hand, a five dollar tip.
That was so awesome. There should be more a** lookers, tip givers like him.
...Not so random I guess, lol. I hope he'll go again. =D
Alykz20 Alykz20
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1 Response Jan 16, 2013

You must have a nice ***. Lol

Hahaha. I guess I do. Lol. ;)